Common Projects Footwear the Soul mate for Your Feet

Finding the perfect sneaker is almost the same as finding your soul mate. Once you find it, you are committed for life. Many of you might be asking yourselves what makes the perfect sneaker. The answer is simple. The perfect sneaker must have 3 main qualities: classic, versatile, and well-constructed. When you combine these 3 attributes into a sneaker, you have created a shoe that you will wear for life. That shoe is called Common Projects Sneakers.

Since 2004, Common Projects has been the “IT” sneaker for all aficionados. This Italian-American brand was created by American art director Prathan Poopat and Italian creative consultant Flavio Girolami. The duo combined architectural structuralism and minimalism to create a classic, versatile shoe that is appropriate for men and women alike.

Common Projects Sneakers

Common projects sneakers have been voted Sneaker of the Week twice by GQ Magazine. From the runway to the streets the Achilles sneaker is the shoe that once you put on, you won’t be able to stop wearing them. These shoes have been seen on and off the runway mainly on the streets of New York and Italy. You can wear these shoes with a pair of jeans, tuxedo, or a dress and still be in style.

Inspired by lines and shapes of ordinary objects, these shoes are hand stitched in Italy using leather from Nappa. Sneaker enthusiasts love the comfort and sleek fit and is a must have for fans of minimalism. The Common Projects achilles sneaker, which is the brand’s signature shoe, is the top seller among consumers. The Achilles sneaker has a low profile with a classic fit. With numerous colors to choose from, you can wear these sneakers with anything during any casual encounter. This shoe also features a line of numbers along the side of the heel indicating style, size, and color, to set them apart from other brands.


As of now major retailers such as Amazon, Barney’s, Nordstrom, END, and Mr. Porter are having winter sales up to 70% off of the list price for this brand. Due to the construction and quality of the shoe, the list price ranges from $200-400 for the low tops. The list price for the high tops range from $300-500. So if you want to buy a high quality shoe without the hefty price tag, now would be the ideal time to purchase in the Common Projects sale online. When purchasing these sneakers make sure that you that you start with a half size smaller than your original sneaker size, especially with the Achilles model, because they do run a little larger than normal.

Common Projects footwear is like finding your soul mate for your feet. |t’s a good way to start a conversation and once you wear them you will never want to take them off. Who knows they might be the only shoe you will ever need.

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