Your Summer Common Projects Sneakers

Your last summer sneakers did favor but this new collection makes it superb for you. Clothing’s and shoes are obviously made because the fashion keeps on changing. It goes with the season and occasion therefore making it at a time when they have high demand. For both male and women wear Common Project Sneakers come, get re-designed and given a better look with different variety and collection. Getting to know the bestselling of the collection project comes with the intensive research and gracing the outlet with the best.


Why rely on common projects


Common Projects Sale is known of selling and designing high-quality sneakers. The variety is great and comes with fabulous fashion and beauty. From leather and white stripe sole, they are clean and easy to match with your sport or casual wear. They are also graced with color selection for you to choose from the available ones.


This is a shocker to many people who buy their products on a common project. The discount code and coupons are awarded to all. Some has a starting price that is affordable and reliable.


Common projects are known to offer durable sneakers that can last you out and in adventure during long time away from home.

Common project sneakers come in different tastes, sizes and make. They are out looking when done on a sport or casual outfit. The research under common projects always make it easy to identify the brand and making it the top most searched.



Common project low sneakers

This is one type that had been defined as a wardrobe because of its simplicity and good way to handle it. It is described and liked by those who want neutral dressing with textured footwear. It has an upper leather grey and rubber sole for your soft walk with a landing strength either while on high note exercises or walking.

Common project black track sneakers

It is obvious that common projects keep upgrading and bringing surprises to the market. Here this type of sneaker is exceptional, high class and stylish. This is a gorgeous shoe that has a soft upper leather with a suede finish. Its sole is a white with a gold serial implying the quality of the brand this shoe comes with. Walking and doing adventure is just away with shipping available for overseas customers. Imagine getting it available as £‘l85, it’s an astonishing price for such quality.


Sky blue summer sneakers

Getting the surprise of a pastel colors hue like this one that works well with tonal grey. The sky blue matches the summer brightness and weather too to avoid keeping much heat. It has a soft suede upper for swift cleaning and elegance sole for your quite walk and a comfortable one.


Sneakers are known to offer casual dressing a heavy boost together with the outdoor activities. The common projects sale is surely favorable deals to go for these Summer hitting the new arrivals and a good price. Hurry for your offer, if you are overseas make your orders and you won’t be disappointed.


Sneakers with an Edge by Common Projects®

Common Projects Sneakers

Are you looking for a pair of sneakers to buy for yourself or as a gift to someone but you’re not sure what kind? You wanted something that will be of great quality, style and functionality? Then you’ve dropped by to the right place here at Common Projects Sale.

Indulge in comfort and style with this new line of sneakers. Common Projects® is a recently-launched shoe company that caters minimalist style and lasting comfort. Made from high quality leather from Italy, laced-up front, a silhouette that is ergonomically rounded to fit those toes, these sneakers will provide what they are designed for: long walks and an understated fashion that has good taste. They make a great pair with any casual attire. They are perfect combination of mixing enjoyment and work.

Common Projects Sneakers
Common Projects Sneakers

Apart from their simplicity and casual elegance, Common Projects sneakers are sturdy due to the high quality of materials used. Made from genuine leather from Italy for its surface and inner lining, they give good insulation during colder climates. They have soft insoles that don’t warp even when the shoes are frequently worn. The outer soles are 100% rubber and they bend well, so they are less likely to slip. The ties can be easily adjusted and are of the same matching color with the shoes. These shoes are true to its size to ensure the comfort to the wearer. What else can you ask for when strolling in the cool weather of early Spring and Fall?

The most popular of the collection is the Achilles. It is made for both men and women and it has several shades to choose from. It gives additional mobility due to its open curve design at the ankles, allowing the wearer to have more room for movement and air. Its construction is built to envelope the feet in a way that it lessens the tension at the spots to where there is frequent movement. Truly a kind of laid back flair for a busy day at work, school, or any non-sport activity. The adage that says simplicity is beauty is, after all, true. This is the quality you will find if you give yourself permission to experience wearing these sneakers.

Common Projects Sneakers

Common Projects® line of footwear offers flexibility in style. The colors are mostly monochromatic and in toned-down shades blended well. Having a mature style with a youthful edge, they are perfect for both men and women who prefer to wear them on any occasion. For the minimalist at heart who wants to have a great pair of shoes that are simple in appearance, but built to last for a while, the brand is true to its word of sensible design and functionality. These sneakers will give you great satisfaction in wearing them, since they trend on not compromising comfort with style. You can have both. Unlike other shoes, this brand has its own vintage. |t’s traditional in a way, but it’s also innovative to fit the modern individual.

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The Common Projects Sale Company

The Common Projects Sale company was founded in 2004 by American art director Prathan Poopat and Italian creative consultant Flavio Girolami. The company sells both women and men high quality sneakers and other footwear along with accessories. So, if you are looking for the world’s best sneakers, then look no further than the Common Projects Sales Company sneakers. The sneakers are individually hand stitched, often in Italian Nappa leather with the most exquisite and intricate details. The Common Projects Sales Company sneakers can be found online with sales and discounts going on now.

The colors of the sneakers include: white, black, blue and blush and are meant to help with the health of your feet. There are women and men styles that are so comfortable, your feet will feel like they are walking on air. The sneakers are built to surround your feet in total comfort, while helping with certain ailments like that painful achilles heel. The Common Projects Sale company offers the best in the Common Projects sneakers with durability and stamina for every part of your feet. Shop online for the convenience with worldwide shipping and accept major credit cards. And while the leather sneakers are great, they can also be purchased online in their every popular canvas material as well.

Common Projects Sneakers
Common Projects Sneakers

The Common Projects Sale Company offers a money back guarantee if for any reason you are dissatisfied with your sneaker purchase. This lets you know that they believe in what they sell and know that you will feel the same way about their products. Only the finest Nappa leather, strong straps for support and durable fittings and sole support for your feet, which are one of the most important things for you to take care of. When only the best sneaker in the world will do, for the most treasured part of your body, which are your feet, do your online shopping at the Common Projects Sales Company for your Common Projects Sale Company sneakers.

Laced with Italian leather uppers, leather lining and insole, a unique gold stamped code, durable rubber outsole, a spare set of laces, made in Italy and fast and free shipping, your feet will be comfortable no matter what activity you decide to take on each day. So let your feet know that they are truly loved, by wearing a handmade pair of Common Projects Sale Company sneakers. Your feet will look better and you will feel better in knowing that the shoes are made to help with keeping your feet healthy and happy all day long.

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Visit the Common Projects Sneakers Sale website online today for your pair of Common Projects Sale Company sneakers. They are specially designed for the women and men on the go, who know what they want in life. You will begin to notice that you have the happy feet that you have dreamed of and so deserve after a hard day’s work. Now let your feet do the talking and the walking as you begin this New Year with a new you.

36135978_2212724062077860_1025881702045581312_nCommon Projects Sneakers
Common Projects Sneakers

Look on the internet for sales on Common Projects sneakers that start at up to forty percent off and go as high as seventy to ninety percent off. The Common Projects Sale Company Sneakers are the best sneakers that you will ever wear. Go online now for huge sales and discounts on these sneakers and let be happy for a change.

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Sale On Common Projects Sneakers

Common Projects Sneakers

If sneakers are what you are after this season, then Common Projects have just the thing for you. New York based and very in the now, Common Projects sneakers are just what you need this season. With colors ranging from baby pink to classic white or black, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Common Projects was launched in 2004, providing clean lines and making its mark on the sneaker world. It is no surprise that this sale sees the sneakers flying off the shelves, and you can own a pair too. Not only does Common Projects have quality Italian design, but it has been one of the leading designers of shoes.

Common Projects Sneakers
Common Projects Sneakers

Rest assured, whether you are looking for a night-time stroll shoe, or a day time casual look, Common Projects definitely has it. The sale can see you save a huge 75%. Not only are they great value, but they are fantastic quality.

These sneakers are sure to get your Achilles moving. Whether you go low Achilles or mid, you are sure to find your perfect pair. Even UK residents can chip in, with free shipping. On top of the sale, that is sure to be a win-win situation.


Whilst you’re there, why not check out the range of other accessories Common Projects has to offer. Surely your original Common Projects Achilles low sneakers need a matching folio wallet or three? Either way, style is definitely the Common Projects way. Now with the sale on, you can enjoy a range of sneakers for less. Whether it’s a suede sneaker to posh up a night on the tiles, or a low leather for a trip to the gym, you will be doing it in style with Common Projects.

The Common Projects Sneaker Sale is working now. Why not try it for yourself? If you’re anything like me, I can say for definite your life is not complete without a pair of Common Projects sneakers.

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Common Projects Luxury Designer Sneakers On Sale

Must-have designer luxury sneakers are now on sale – Common Projects Sale. No matter who you are, Common Projects has a style for you. Whether you need to dress up or want to dress down, there is a style for you. Common Projects is the hottest sneakers being worn by celebrities such as, and now you can too with this amazing sale and outlet.


Common Projects sneakers are designed and made in Italy. They have been featured in fashion and society magazines such as GQ. Common Projects is frequently sold in high-end stores in New York City, but don’t fret! You don’t need to travel to NYC to get this look! We got you covered!

Common Projects uses only the highest quality of canvas, suede, and leather. Sneakers feature a minimalist and sleek design that are sure to compliment any ensemble. These designers sneakers comes in a variety of colors and designs. The Common Projects brand is easily recognized by its gold stamp on the shoe’s heel, displaying the style and size. This simple feature acclaims the wearer — and is made just for that! Common Projects keeps their customers in mind with each new design they create.


lf you’re looking for Common Projects sneakers sale look no further than Common Projects sale online store. Most of these designer sneakers are at an incredible $500 value! This sale offers a huge discount no these quality designer shoes that can’t be found anywhere else. No matter what style you rock, these shoes will not only provide you with a sense of fashion but comfort. Girls, you don’t have to wear heels to look fashionable! Guys, you don’t have to wear dress shoes to look professional! Common Projects has you covered with both class and luxury.


Celebrities have been raving about Common Projects for years! The company has been designing minimalist luxury shoes since for 14 years. Common Projects was founded in 2004 by Prathan Poopat and Flavio Girolami.

Don’t wait! Get a pair of these chic luxury sneakers today!

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Common Projects Footwear the Soul mate for Your Feet

Common Projects Sneakers

Finding the perfect sneaker is almost the same as finding your soul mate. Once you find it, you are committed for life. Many of you might be asking yourselves what makes the perfect sneaker. The answer is simple. The perfect sneaker must have 3 main qualities: classic, versatile, and well-constructed. When you combine these 3 attributes into a sneaker, you have created a shoe that you will wear for life. That shoe is called Common Projects Sneakers.

Since 2004, Common Projects has been the “IT” sneaker for all aficionados. This Italian-American brand was created by American art director Prathan Poopat and Italian creative consultant Flavio Girolami. The duo combined architectural structuralism and minimalism to create a classic, versatile shoe that is appropriate for men and women alike.

Common Projects Sneakers

Common projects sneakers have been voted Sneaker of the Week twice by GQ Magazine. From the runway to the streets the Achilles sneaker is the shoe that once you put on, you won’t be able to stop wearing them. These shoes have been seen on and off the runway mainly on the streets of New York and Italy. You can wear these shoes with a pair of jeans, tuxedo, or a dress and still be in style.

Inspired by lines and shapes of ordinary objects, these shoes are hand stitched in Italy using leather from Nappa. Sneaker enthusiasts love the comfort and sleek fit and is a must have for fans of minimalism. The Common Projects achilles sneaker, which is the brand’s signature shoe, is the top seller among consumers. The Achilles sneaker has a low profile with a classic fit. With numerous colors to choose from, you can wear these sneakers with anything during any casual encounter. This shoe also features a line of numbers along the side of the heel indicating style, size, and color, to set them apart from other brands.


As of now major retailers such as Amazon, Barney’s, Nordstrom, END, and Mr. Porter are having winter sales up to 70% off of the list price for this brand. Due to the construction and quality of the shoe, the list price ranges from $200-400 for the low tops. The list price for the high tops range from $300-500. So if you want to buy a high quality shoe without the hefty price tag, now would be the ideal time to purchase in the Common Projects sale online. When purchasing these sneakers make sure that you that you start with a half size smaller than your original sneaker size, especially with the Achilles model, because they do run a little larger than normal.

Common Projects footwear is like finding your soul mate for your feet. |t’s a good way to start a conversation and once you wear them you will never want to take them off. Who knows they might be the only shoe you will ever need.

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Common Project Sneakers – The Right Choice

Common Project Sneakers are quite frankly, some of the best around. They combine a sleek design with a chic urban appeal that has them flying off shelves worldwide. From models to designers to the everyday Average Joe, Common Project Sneakers are some of the best shoe choices around. But why should you, dear reader, invest your hard earned dollars in could seem like a flash in the pan? And where might you be able to find a Common Project Sale? Let’s find out!

Common Projects Sneakers
Common Projects Sneakers

Why the Common Projects Sneaker are the Right Choice ?

  1. Common Project Sneakers: A Quality Choice

Common Project Sneakers utilize only the highest quality materials in their manufacture. Unlike other luxury shoe brands, Common Project Sneakers don’t sacrifice quality over quantity in any sense. Each pair of shoes is lovingly crafted from the finest materials and handcrafted in Italy. Italy is renowned worldwide for its industry and the overall quality of its goods, and Common Project Sneakers are no exception. Both the handmade leather upper portion and sole are sourced directly from local manufacturers, in addition to the inner canvas lining, ensuring a flawless, quality finish that’s worth every penny.

  1. Common Project Sneakers: An Ethical Choice

Few brands align with the minimalist aesthetic like Common Project Sneakers. The shoes’ sleek design boasts only a single label, barely noticeable at that. And for fans of minimal branding, it’s one of the most attractive sneaker choices available. And the fact that most sneakers are handmade suggests an overall support of local industry throughout the brand. Other big names might rely on mass-produced, mostly machine made parts from large, bulky corporations, but not Common Project. In keeping with the simple spirit of the entire brand Common Project does its best to honor the time-honored, local artisanal tradition in its manufacture whenever possible.

Common Projects Sneakers

Even if you don’t ascribe to the more internal aspects of minimalism, the guiding principles of the aesthetic so to speak, one can still appreciate the simplicity of the trend. The minimalist aesthetic is appealing in its starkness, providing a welcome contrast to our cluttered world as of late. And no shoe better complements the austerity of that look like Common Project Sneakers. The sneakers and their low-top design leave everything to the imagination. Practically the only distinguishing factor on the surface of the shoe is a line of solid gold numbers along the back. This denotes to the onlooker and those in the know that your sneakers are quality without the normally off-putting and loud merchandising you’|| find in other brands.

  1. Common Project SALE

Now that you know all about the benefits of the sneakers, you won’t be surprised to hear that we currently are having a Common Project Sale! Our website is one of the most convenient shops on the web to buy Common Project merchandise, and our great sale prices mean you will always get the most value for your money. Common Project Sales are few and far between, considering the quality of the merchandise and all of the other benefits we’ve already discussed, such as aesthetic and ethical appeal (not to mention personal style and fit). So when you find a Common Project Sale like ours, run, don’t walk towards some of the best deals around.